Saturday, 3 November 2012

Best Buy Bob Ross Painting Waterfalls Collection

This is the third Bob Ross series I have purchased and it is definately my favorite! The paintings range from simple to challenging and each one teaches something new (to me, anyway). The Bob's encouraging and kind teaching manner is very helpful as is the rewind function on the DVD player. Learning with Bob is fun and very calming. Painting with Bob has become a family affair. My mom, who had never tried any artistic project, completed her first (very nice) painting. My niece and I are utterly smitten and have now completed several paintings. Other family members have also tried their hand and produced several very nice paintings.

One of the nicest things about learning Bob Ross's technique through his videos is his attitude that all of us are able to paint. My family proves it, none of us had ever painted and now we all have paintings we are proud of hanging on our walls and several relatives have been gifted with art!

A beginner might start with Bob's "Getting Started" or the three hour instructional DVD which demonstrates common mistakes and their solutions in the last hour. Very helpful to those like me who have no clue!

If you are a beginner, like me, this is an excellent place to begin your affair with art!! Once you have learned some techniques you can go on to create whatever you want and if you just want to paint with Bob he'll keep you busy for a long time. Either way, I'm very grateful he decided to share his wet on wet painting technique with the world!! Thanks, Bob!

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I was looking to start of as a beginner and I read the instructions along with watching the DVD and I was able to develope my own style or derive my own style from this. I would recommend this to anyone!

Very good product for the price. I bought the 9 set DVD set as well. I feel like I am off to a good start of starting a new hobby. Bob Ross material seems to be perfect for a serious starter kit.

If you cant trust DJNellyNel, trust me. This set is great!!! If you don't love Bob Ross, you don't love life.

Best Deals Bob Ross - The Joy Painting Series

I thoroughly enjoyed this series, "the BoB" is just delightful! I have never had any formal art lessons and wanted to learn some basic techniques so I ordered the series. Bob Ross's kind, persistant teaching method (and the rewind function) walked me through the basics in a very clear and enjoyable manner. At the end of the day I had a lovely painting to encourage more efforts. It was great! I would highly recommend this series. My sister, Mom and I did two paintings together.

We had a blast and hung our paintings on the wall when all was done. Since then I have purchased more Bob Ross DVDs as gifts. So far everyone loves him and there are several more fledgling painters enjoying their new passion! Thanks, Bob

I remember growing up and being fascinated watching Bob Ross paint. Each 1 hour episode was intriguing, and seemed so simplistic in the methods and art of painting. Since I am just learning a new hobby, I thought, "What better way to learn to paint?". I was not wrong. These instructional DVD's show you lots of tips and tricks to learning how to master the art of painting.

Highly recommend this series of DVD's as well as any other Bob Ross set you can get your hands on.